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Ready Made (Bicycle Handle)

These knives represent the first (and ongoing) line of limited production cutlery from MKS Design. Originally designed in 2005, they combine top notch blades made to my specifications with welded stainless steel handle tubes and injection molded bicycle grips in red, green, blue, black, (and a few sparkle colors too!) that provide a perfect balance of shock absorption and control. This design allows each knife in the line to be tuned precisely for weight and balance at the point of assembly. Edges are individually ground and polished to suit as well. All knives come with free lifetime sharpening and an unconditional lifetime guarantee.  The bicycle handle knives are original, durable, delightful…and just the thing on the off chance you happen to meet a bear in the kitchen.

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Adam Simha / Custom

The performance, appearance, fit, and finish of a hand built knife is an unparalleled delight. It takes many hours of skilled work and reflects the heart and very personal hand of the maker. My original designs are based on almost 14 years of knife making, my own professional kitchen experience and the custom knives I have built for working chefs. I provide service for most of these knives exclusively, giving me first hand feedback on every detail from material to blade shape to edge geometry, to hardness, to hardware. My process improves with nearly every knife finished. This is heirloom quality cutlery; the knife you will always reach for, feel compelled to care for, and never want to put down.

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Latest portfolio entries

Cut and Serve

Custom left handed Cake Service. 316 Stainless, G10 handles with Silver pins

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Ice Knife

Custom Ice knife for bar Drink in Boston 240mm D-2 tool steel at Rc59. G10 handle with Bronze pins

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Custom Nikiri

Custom Nikiri / Vegetable Knife 9”. 13C26 stainless at Rc 59. Ironwood handle with G10 liner and mosaic pins

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